What You Need To Know About Rental Mortgage Rates

Rental mortgage rates for single-family rental properties are usually 150 bps to 300 bps higher than consumer mortgage rates.

In other words, if the equivalent consumer mortgage rate is 3.25 percent, the mortgage rate for a single-family rental property is 4.75 percent to 6.25 percent.

Mortgage rates investment property will always be higher than conventional ones because they are riskier than conventional mortgage rates.

There will be times when things get hard. For example, when the tenant fails to pay the rent. If this happens, investors will likely pay their residential property instead of their investment property. Therefore, mortgage lenders tend to charge a higher interest rate and apply stricter requirements.

Understanding Rental Mortgage Rates

Mortgages rates on investment property ranges from 50 to 87.5 basis points higher than primary home mortgage rates.

For example, if mortgage rates for a 30-year, the fixed-rate mortgage on a home that the owner occupies is averagely around 3.25 percent.

You can expect a 30-year investment property loan to have an interest rate as much as 3.75 percent to 4.125 percent. It is because lenders have more risks when they lend money to real estate investors.

Rental Mortgage Rates

Higher risks mean higher interest rates as well as more stringent borrowing requirements. Property investors usually rent out their investment properties to gain rental income.

Periods of vacancy can increase the possibility of mortgage default if the investor is not financially prepared.

After all, they would want to cover the mortgage payment on their residential home first. When times get hard, owners of investment property can cut their loss and run. This is why mortgage rates investment property is always higher.

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Rental Property Loan Recommendations

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