Understanding Financial Literacy – Ultimate Guide For Beginner In Financial Life

Financial literacy is the essential element in achieving a better life. Have you ever dreamed about a life free from any financial problems? You can buy your daily needs without any problem.

So, if you say that your life is not like that description, you might have a problem understanding what this term is. This article will help you to find the best financial solution.

This article is a guide for everyone, especially beginners, to understand what financial literacy definition is.

We hope, after you read this article, you can implement the essence of this term. Then, you can change your life into a better life financially with that. Let’s start!

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand all financial skills that you have. But, true financial literacy meaning does not only understanding the skill. Through understanding, you also can apply that skill to the real situation in your life. 

The understanding will help you to know the best way to implement the financial skill that you have. The goal is to create a better financial condition. Then, you will be self-sufficient and have better financial stability than before.

The practice of financial literacy includes personal financial management, budget-saving, and managing the usage of the budget. It is simple, yet necessary to get financial stability in life.

So, why financial literacy is important? Financial literacy allows you to use your financial skill to maximum performance.

That means you can use your skill to deal with various situations that can harm you financially. Financial knowledge will become the shield that you need. It prevents financial problems from happening in your life.

Furthermore, these days when everyone is facing a difficult situation because of the pandemic, good financial literacy is necessary. 

How to Improve Your Financial Literacy?

Now, we believe you understand the importance of financial literacy. The thing you should know is how to improve your financial literacy.

As for this matter, there are at least six things that you can do. Below, we have detailed information about the method to improve financial literacy for you:

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1. Subscribe to the financial newsletter

Getting more and the latest finance information is one of the best things to improve your literacy in this field.

You can find many online sources for this one. Choose a news source that is not only trustable but also has a good reputation.

Those resources will help you a lot in your journey to reach the highest peak of financial literacy. The tips from the finance expert from those sources are what you need here.

2. Listen to the Financial Podcasts 

A podcast is also a good resource you can use to learn more about financial literacy topics and knowledge.

Best of all, you can listen to it while doing your daily routine. For example, when you are cooking for your family turn on the podcast and get the information that you need.

Listening to it regularly will let you understand financial knowledge much easier. Then, you can apply it to your life for you and your family.

Financial Literacy

3. Social Media

This method might be one of the best and easiest ones for modern people to learn more about financial literacy.

You can follow the expert social media account. Read their post every day, and you will get many inspirations that you can use in your personal finance.

Of course, you can’t just follow any financial expert. Find one that is not only famous but also loves to share tips and knowledge on their social media. You will get nothing following the expert that only uses social media for personal needs.

Other than following expert social media, you can join the social media community. Nowadays, you can find a finance community on Facebook or other platforms. These methods are one of the best financial literacy for beginners you can use.

4. Read Finance Books

If you prefer reading, you also can use the finance book to improve your financial understanding. You can use the physical book from the bookstore. Or, for your convenience, you can buy or rent online books for financial literacy.

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With the online book, you can access it anytime and anywhere you need it through your mobile device. So, whenever you want to learn or get new financial knowledge, you can do it right away.

5. Applying for a Course

Nowadays, you also can find any courses to learn any knowledge and science. It also includes the financial literacy course.

You can apply for that course to learn more about this topic. The subjects you learn in a course are different from one to another. Generally, you will learn this subject:

  • How to create a budget,
  • How to track your expense, 
  • Create the strategies to pay off your debt,
  • Planning the budget for your retirement day.

 Find the course from a reliable organization. You also can choose the financial literacy program from your government.

Those are the most reliable and trusted. Moreover, the fee for the program is mostly much more affordable than the program from private organizations.

6. Introducing Financial Literacy to Kids

It is also necessary to start financial literacy for kids. Why should we introduce it at their younger age? It will help your kids to understand the importance of money and their belonging.

Moreover, if you do this earlier, it will also build a good personality and habit toward money usage. It helps your kids when they grow adults and have to face various financial challenges in their life.

You also can find a program that is made for kids. Some schools even have a curriculum of financial literacy for students.

It is necessary to create a financially independent individual in the future. So, you can live a much better life later.


Do you already understand the importance of understanding your financial ability and skill? We hope this article helps you to change into a financially better person.

And, make sure you also keep learning and improving your financial literacy to achieve a better life quality.