The Cheapest Insurance Company: 4 Things To Consider Before Buying Their Products

Are you looking for the cheapest insurance company? Insurance is not a strange thing nowadays. Starting from health to education insurance, people think they need it to protect their future financially.

But sure, finding the best insurance is not an easy thing. Many customers complain that the service and claims are not like what they expect.

Of course, it makes new customers feel worried about joining insurance. Moreover, it is if their budgets can only be for the cheap ones.

So, is it possible to get cheap but also trusted insurance products? The answer is yes, mainly if you are looking for car insurance. Who is the cheapest car insurance company? It depends on many factors for sure.

Just follow some tips below to find the best insurance company and product that meets your limited budget.

Choose Only a Trusted Company

Tight competition among insurance companies should make them work hard to build trusts. Some of their efforts are bringing the best services and products to their customers.

The claim process must also be fast and easy to satisfy the customers even more. This way, new customers will not be doubted to join them.

That’s why it is recommended to go for trusted and best affordable car insurance companies. Make a list of some trusted auto companies in your country and do a little observation.

Learn the credibility of each company through customers’ reviews. If there are complaints in more than 5% of the reviews, you may think twice to use the service of the company.

Pay attention also to the way the administrator or customer service responds to the complaint of customers.

If they are not only responsive but also polite, it means that the insurance company is worth using. Sure, it takes time to do all the things above.

But remember that you also want to use the company service for a long time. Well, it doesn’t waste your time at all.

Cheapest Insurance Company

Take a Look at Your Budgets

In finding low rate insurance companies, you may depend on a certain number to decide whether it is cheap or not.

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You should know that the term cheap can refer to different numbers from one to another. It is relative based on someone’s financial condition.

Therefore, when an auto insurance company claims that their products are cheap, it doesn’t mean that they are really cheap for you.

So, make sure that the car insurance companies cheapest really meet your needs and budgets. Generally, there are 2 options for car insurance.

They are All Risk and Total Loss Only or TLO. Each of them has its own benefits and lacks. Now, let’s talk about them.

All risk insurance is more expensive in terms of the insurance premium as it copies the entire protection for the car whether the damage is minor or major.

You cannot say that it is the most affordable auto insurance companies and products. Besides, this type of car insurance is also not suitable if you are not driving your car often. Even for you with new cars, All Risk insurance is not really recommended.

All companies including the cheapest insurance company must also offer TLO car insurance. This type of insurance covers cars with damage of only more than 75%.

The premium is also much more affordable than the All Risk one. But of course, there is a risk if you choose this insurance. Minor damage is not covered by the insurance.

So, from the beginning, make sure to learn carefully about what types of damage to cover by TLO insurance.

Good insurance must have enlisted them well. Therefore, something happened to your car, you just know if the damage can be covered or not with this type of lowest priced auto insurance.

Consider the Dealer’s Recommendation

If you have no experience also in auto insurance, it is reasonable if you may feel confused and not sure.

If you still cannot decide well, you can look for recommendations from trusted and experienced ones.

Of course, you can ask friends or family for the best cheapest insurance. But more than that, consider the dealer’s recommendation.

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When buying a car, ask for a recommendation from the marketer about the best insurance company. Undeniably, the dealer must have made a partnership with a certain company or agent for insurance. This makes the claiming process in the future easier and faster.

What if the dealer doesn’t make a partnership at all? Well, it is okay. At least, you already have an insight regarding the best auto insurance company.

Your knowledge may not be limited only to Geico vs State Farm but also to other trusted and recommended insurance companies out there. You should also ask for more recommendations and information.

Check the Workshop Partnership

While it is very important to find the best auto insurance companies with the lowest rates, don’t forget this last point.

The car insurance must have a good workshop partnership. It means that the workshops partnered with the company must be available in many places.

When the workshops are all around, it becomes proof that the insurance company is really professional.

Sure, the availability of many workshops eases you more as a customer. When a bad thing happens to your car, you will get first aid as soon as possible.

More importantly, make sure also that one of the workshops is provided in your town or city. It is even better if the location is not too far from your house or office.

You may check the workshop if it really has good cooperation with the insurance company. Even before you have any problem with your car, ask the workshop about the procedure of how to claim the service.

Don’t worry, some companies indeed provide good services in this matter including those really cheap car insurance companies.


Yes, finding a cheap insurance company is indeed important to make sure your money can cover it well.

But more importantly, the services and products must be satisfying also. So, you must check all the things about them before choosing the cheapest insurance company.