Deciding Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance From 9 Criteria Here

Finding the most inexpensive car insurance means that you are looking for car insurance with the minimum coverage required in the state.

Beginner car insurers often get confused to figure out who has the cheapest car insurance from dozens of companies out there. The information below helps you to get the best car insurance based on your needs.

Understand the Word Cheapest in Car Insurance Industry

The cheapest and best car insurance is not the only one. A certain car insurance company can be the cheapest for one person, but it can be the most expensive in other places.

That’s why you should check the state you are living in or where you are about to buy a car insurance plan.

The best way to get the cheapest car insurance for you is by comparing the insurance rates. For example, the cheapest car insurance in Washington State is $1.160 per year, or 18.7 percent less than the national average. On the other hand, the car insurance in California is $1.458 per year.

Keep Your Credit Score Good

Car insurance companies will also check your credit score except you are living in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

The better the credit score, the lower the car insurance rates you get. Insurance companies also explain that credit score correlates with the chances of filing claims.

The best way to keep your credit score is by paying your bills on time based on the schedule. You can also improve your credit score by reducing your debt.

Check the Discount Requirements

When you are looking for who has the cheapest car insurance, check the discount requirements that insurance companies offer to you.

Car insurance companies will give you a discount when you have a clean driving record, pay your entire annual or six-month premium at once, have a car with certain anti-theft and safety features, and agree to receive documents online.

The more requirements you can complete, the cheaper the car insurance plan you are about to get. As a result, the can insurance can be your cheapest insurance.

Consider Your Age before Buying Car Insurance

Car insurance companies often consider the age of their clients. The younger your age, the more expensive the car insurance rate. You would better get car insurance at the age of 20s or older.

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For instance, a 20-years old driver in Washington State should pay around $1.511.22 per year, whereas if you are shopping for car insurance at the age of 50s, the annual insurance rate is only $998.70.

In contrast, a 16-years old driver in Washington State should pay $6.301.42 per year. So, consider your age when looking for the cheapest car insurance Washington State.  

Try to Driving Safely

Be careful when driving your vehicle. The cost of your auto insurance will be expensive if you have been found involved in a car accident. The worse the car accident, the more expensive your auto insurance rate you have to pay.

For example, a car accident that involves a DUI or Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol is the worst case that makes your car insurance rate increase significantly.

The cheapest car insurance after DUI in Washington State is around $1.680.73 per year. Speeding will also increase the car insurance rate.

For example, you have to pay a car insurance rate of about $1.391.83 in Washington State when speeding 21 to 25 MPH > limit.   

Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance

Consider the Tier of Coverage You Choose

Tier of coverage consists of two different levels, which are liability-only and full coverage. Liability-only coverage is cheaper compared to full coverage. The average annual rate for liability online for property damage and $100K or $300K body injury is $758.

On the other hand, the average annual rate for $1000 comprehensive/collision is $1.165. You will get this average annual rate when managing car insurance in Washington State. Check also your premium.

You should try to find the cheapest car insurance in Washington State if your premium is at the below-average level.

Don’t Use Comprehensive and Collision Coverage if You Have an Old Car

You would better not include comprehensive and collision coverage if you have an old car. An old car often has a low market value.

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At the same time, you have to pay a higher insurance rate when taking collision coverage and compressive coverage.

The collision coverage covers the damage of your vehicle because of another car or an object. The comprehensive coverage covers the car damage from weather, animal crashes, floods, fire, car theft, and vandalism.

It makes sense if you have to pay higher insurance rates due to the coverage you will get from them. Use this trick to get the cheapest minimum car insurance in your living area.

Raise Your Deductible

In case you have to buy car insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage, you can still get cheap car insurance by raising the deductible.

Liability insurance doesn’t have a deductible. It means that the insurance doesn’t pay for the damage you cause others in an accident.  

Try a Car Usage-Based Insurance Program

This insurance program is suitable for drivers who don’t log many miles. The companies will check how often you drive your car and when you are driving the car, and how well you drive your vehicle.

The better your driving record and report, you will get more discounts. The more discounts you get, the cheaper the insurance rate you should pay.

So, finding who is the cheapest car insurance company is tricky. You should know what the companies offer to you. Indeed, you will also know what is the cheapest car insurance by considering the list above.

Talking about who has the cheapest car insurance is related to what you need. The lesser the coverage in the car insurance you need, the cheaper the cost of the insurance.

Best of all, looking for car insurance companies cheap is possible as long as you know your condition and the car.

Remember! You may think that certain car insurance is cheap and even the cheapest option for you. It doesn’t mean that the options are the cheapest for other car owners. Talk to the car insurance expert to get the best option that will not disturb your finances.